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4 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him (That You Can Enjoy Too)

4 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him (That You Can Enjoy Too)

If you are about to celebrate a wedding anniversary, you might be a little confused as to what to treat your husband with to commemorate such a joyous occasion.  Getting something personalized is always a lovely idea as it shows that you have put some thought into your gift selection and offers something special for your loved one.

Here at Story Cabin, we have plenty of anniversary gifts for him available on our website, so we decided to put together this guide to our top 4 unique anniversary gift ideas for him to give you plenty of inspiration.  Imagine your husbands’ face when he sees what you have chosen for your wedding anniversary gift!

Castle Vineyard - Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Castle Vineyard Clock

Traditionally, wood is the gift that you are meant to give to your partner on your 5th wedding anniversary, however we think that it is perfect for any year!  Choose our Castle Vineyard Clock for an elegant addition to your home.  This beautiful gift can be personalized with your surname and would look absolutely stunning in your family kitchen or lounge.  Made from thick solid oak, this anniversary gift will offer a long-lasting memento to your wedding without breaking the bank at just $79 for this stunning handmade gift!

Sweet Dixie - Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Sweet Dixie Clock

For something a little more decorative, why not opt for our Sweet Dixie Clock.  This version of our solid oak clock is a little less traditional, and offers dots in place of clock numbers.  The design on this beautiful piece will look fantastic in a more modern environment, and the personalization is a lot less formal.  At just $97, this handmade piece will make an amazing anniversary gift for your husband!


Regal Banquet - Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Regal Banquet Clock

If you are looking for a regal and elegant anniversary gift for him, our Regal Banquet Clock would look striking in a lounge or dining room.  Featuring Roman Numerals instead of numbers, this simple, yet classy looking solid oak clock holds a certain charm.  It can be personalized with your surname, and year of choice (perhaps the year you got married!).  This amazing gift still comes in at under $100, making it affordable, yet memorable at just $97!


Fresh Retro - Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Fresh Retro Clock

Our final choice in our anniversary gifts for him suggestions is our Fresh Retro Clock.  Again, this piece can be personalized with your family name and year of choice but with an art-deco feel to it.  Choose this solid oak clock for a retro styled kitchen or dining room – it’s minimalist design really shows off the quality of the wood without it being too decorative which makes it perfect for the man in your life that likes to keep things simple!  At only $79, this anniversary gift is affordable, yet looks extremely expensive!

Each of our clocks are 11 inches in diameter and made from the highest quality solid oak.  Treat your husband to one of our anniversary gifts for him and really make your upcoming wedding anniversary special and memorable!  Click here to browse our complete collection of handmade, personalized solid oak clocks!



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