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Fabulous Wedding Trends for 2016 That You Won’t Want to Miss

Fabulous Wedding Trends for 2016 That You Won’t Want to Miss

Planning your wedding is not only exciting but can be daunting too.  With so many things to plan, and a plethora of options available to you, it is easy to see why more couples are opting for the help of a wedding planner.   Don’t let the little details put you off – planning your own wedding can be very rewarding and here at My Story Cabin we have put together some fabulous wedding trends for 2016 that won’t be going anywhere soon.  We see these lasting through to 2017 too!

 music_wedding trends

Live Ceremony Music

When it comes to your wedding ceremony, there are certain parts of it that require the need for background music.  From seating your wedding guests, walking down the aisle, signing your wedding register and walking back down the aisle as a happily married couple (also known as the recessional) – each of these parts of your wedding ceremony usually have music in the background to keep guests entertained and to make an impact.  Although it is possible to achieve this with the help of an MP3 player or CD, a trend for 2016 is to hire a musician or group of musicians to perform live music during your wedding ceremony.  This adds a romantic element to your big day and starts off your celebrations in style.  Popular choices for live ceremony music include hiring a String Quartet, a Cellist, Violinist or Harpist.


 flower_wedding trends

Wild Flowers

Gone are the days of structured bouquets and perfectly placed posies.  Wild flowers (or the appearance of wild flowers) is all the craze at the moment.  Speak with your florist to put together in-season flowers which look like they could have been picked from your garden.  This style of floral display offers a rustic feel and is extremely popular among Brides in 2016. If your wedding is in the prime Wedding season, opt for in-bloom flowers that match your wedding palette.


DIY wedding trends


With the average wedding costing more and more each year, many couples are choosing to lower their wedding budget by doing things themselves.  From something as simple as your wedding seating plan and centerpieces, to a scarier prospect of your wedding cake, DIY projects will really help to bring your wedding budget back into reality.  Doing more things yourselves gives you flexibility to reallocate your wedding budget to areas which are really important to you, such as your wedding venue or photographer.


metallics - wedding trends


It appears that the Brides of 2016 are a little like magpies and love anything shiny!  Metallics are in fashion in a big way when it comes to weddings and they can be splashed across many parts of your wedding plans.  From golden sparkly bridesmaids’ dresses, to metallic invitations, add an element of sparkle to your upcoming wedding in any way possible.  Using metallics such as gold, silver, bronze or platinum can add a stunning visual element to any wedding color palette.  We are particularly fond of gold at the moment!


mismatched_wedding trends

Mismatched Bridesmaids

Many brides are choosing to dress their bridesmaids in different dresses and we think this is a fantastic idea and hope that it lasts for many years.  Not every body type can pull off the same dress, so choosing mismatched bridesmaids dresses mean you can cater for each of your bridesmaids needs and keep them all happy too!  Choosing different shapes of dresses for each of your girls, or perhaps different colors can add a fun and colorful element to your wedding photography and can still look elegant providing you choose colors from your wedding palette.  With designers such as Dessy offering their dresses in a massive selection of colors, finding mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses is easier than it looks!


cocktails_wedding trends

Signature Cocktails

Once you are married, you will usually be whisked away to have some intimate wedding photography taken while you guests enjoy a drinks reception.  A popular trend for 2016 is the signature cocktail, where you and your partner work with your caterers / bar staff to create a personalized cocktail beforehand to serve to your guests.  This makes a refreshing change to Bucks Fizz or Champagne and adds a real personal touch to your wedding drinks reception.  Want to serve up your guests a Strawberry Daiquiri or something a little more unusual?  Have fun creating your signature cocktail together!

Finger foods_wedding trends

Finger Foods

Although the traditional wedding breakfasts usually consists of a three or four course sit-down meal, many couples are choosing finger foods to keep things simple.  Offering a buffet of food gives guests much more variety which is perfect to cater for large numbers.  Buffet and finger food doesn’t have to consist of pineapple on a stick either – choose sophisticated recipes such as salmon canapes or keep things simple with trays filled with assorted meats and cheeses.  Choosing finger foods over a sit-down dinner can also help with the wedding budget!



Ice Cream Vans or Carts

A fantastic feature which is becoming popular among couples in 2016 is the ice cream van.  Perfect for weddings in the Summer months, hiring an ice cream van or cart can not only cool down your guests, but make for some fabulous wedding photography too!   Many different styles of van or cart can be hired, from the vintage looking VW campervan to a wooden carnival styled cart.  We see the ice cream van or cart trend taking the place of the candy bar in the very near future!


Alternative Wedding Cakes

If you aren’t a fan of fruit cake, did you know there are many more options available to you for your own wedding cake.  Popular choices include sponge cakes with different flavors per tier, or macaroon towers, but if you don’t have a sweet tooth, consider choosing a savory cheese cake instead! These can look very exquisite, with different tiers of different cheeses and can be decorated with fruits such as grapes, or even crackers!  We absolutely love this idea as an alternative to the traditional wedding cake!



Editorial Photography

Your wedding photographs are one of the most important elements to your wedding day since you will have them for years to come to look back on and remember what a magical day your wedding was.  It is important to put a decent chunk of your wedding budget into finding the right wedding photographer – once that you get on with as a couple and one that shares your vision for your big day.  Editorial photography is overtaking the traditional wedding photography style and it’s easy to see why when you view an editorial wedding photographers’ portfolio.  Editorial photography involves a style of photography that is almost behind the scenes, capturing real-life moments of your wedding day without the need to make everyone pose and say “cheese”.  Editorial photography won’t be doing anywhere in the near future as it gains popularity through upcoming years.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the fabulous wedding trends of 2016 and have taken some inspiration for your own wedding day.  One of the most important things to consider when planning your own wedding is to enjoy every minute of it and to include important elements that you both want as a couple.  If you want to walk down the aisle to something a little untraditional, don’t be put off by pressurizing family members… just do it - you will hopefully only get one wedding day so it is important to celebrate it the way YOU want!

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