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Following the cold winter of 2015, a designer and a wood artisan started working together to make clocks. The idea was to create fresh designs out of solid oak that could also be personalized with names. After noticing an increasing trend of people that were growing tired of the same generic clocks - we set out to create home decor to reflect your personality. So Story Cabin was born.

The early stages were challenging with both of us working from different locations (Sioux Falls, SD and Springfield, MO). What helped was that we started very small with a focus on a single design.  We had to do a lot of testing to make sure the clocks could be made to match the designer's vision.

Our first design was a hit, and we started getting requests for new designs.  We innovated and strove for excellence to make all the new designs unique and with their own personality.

Our success is truly due to listening to our customers and understanding what you really wanted.  We put a huge amount of effort into our clocks because we know you display them with great pride. 

And so, Story Cabin lives on...


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